Looking for a face moisturizer? Follow these tips when buying one!

Looking for a face moisturizer? Follow these tips when buying one!

A face moisturizer is a vital product behind every healthy looking skin. Skin care companies, like Body Shop SA knows the importance of skin care routine in people’s lives today. They are thus creating the best makeup and skin support products with utmost care, keeping the public needs in front. However, not every product is created equal and some of them may actually do long term damage to your skin. This is why you need to understand the ingredients and what they do to your skin when choosing one.

Avoid these ingredients

If your face moisturizer contains mineral oil, it is not the best face moisturizer. Many over the counter products do contain mineral oil. Skin care companies use it because it is extremely cheap and when applied to the skin does result in a moist velvety texture.

However, the truth about this ingredient is that it probably clogs up the pores in your skin which leads to longer term issues. Mineral oils actually draw moisture from the deeper layers into the epidermis making your skin feel good. Mineral oils often cause problems because they are actually drying out your skin.

Another popular ingredient found in most face moisturizers are parabens. They don’t suck out the moisture, but they also don’t add anything. They’re just preservatives, included to increase the shelf life of the product with zero value to your skin.

Here are a couple of ingredients that bring moisture and health to your skin:

Shea butter – it comes from the seas of the African Shea tree and is an excellent ingredient in a face moisturizer. Its composition is almost same as the moisturizers produced naturally by your sebaceous glands. It also contains vitamin E and various essential fatty acids.

Jojoba oil – it is another excellent essential oil that brings moisture to your skin. Chemically it is very similar to the oil naturally produced by our skin and can remarkably moisturize dry skin by reducing oil production in oily skin. It actually works towards achieving the appropriate moisture balance for your skin.

Avocado oil- it is a natural face moisturizer to consider. With high sterolin content, it not only moisturizes but soothes the skin and work at removing age spots.

A good face moisturizer is not the one that just traps existing moisture in your skin but the one that brings the moisture your skin needs to achieve a healthy balance. It should also bring vitamins and nutrients your skin can use to stay healthy. Do your research and choose something good for you and your skin.